Industry feedback on ‘SEDITION’ by Pauline Kiernan

‘I particularly liked the way you created a truthful and original picture of another time in our history at the same time as telling us a strong and imaginative story.'

- SIMON RELPH, Independent Producer, Greenpoint Films, former Chairman of BAFTA and author of The Relph Report

‘A beautiful and engaging script.’

- MATTHEW BAKER, Development & Acquisitions, Recorded Picture Company

‘A cleverly realised, highly original piece of writing that I commend you on... A wonderfully ambitious project.’

- NORMA HEYMAN, Producer, Heyman Films

‘Pauline has written a fantastic script. I couldn’t stop turning the page.’

- JONNY PERSEY, Producer, Met Film Production, Managing Director of London Met Film School.

‘I want to congratulate you on writing an exciting, fluid and well realised script... fresh and captivating... you have managed to give us a different insight which feels amazingly modern and very intriguing.’

- TARA COOK, Development & Acquistions, Neal Street Productions, now head of the film department at Vision and Media.

'Beautifully written... a real page-turner'.

- REBEKAH GILBERTSON, Producer, The Edge of Love

‘A rich and witty sparring match of a script – vividly characterised and deftly structured.’

- ROBYN SOLVO, Producer, Company Pictures

Industry Feedback on ‘MANIC’ by Pauline Kiernan

‘A great Rom Com which takes the genre to the edge, and then some’,
- STEVE GAYDOS, Executive Editor, Variety

‘A bold and original script with a strong female protagonist who offers something new in the way of female leads; sexy, intelligent, articulate and vulnerable... there are some great comic moments... the witty and intellectual dialogue which has been wonderfully crafted.’

‘I really enjoyed reading it. It is a truly original story about a remarkable character. There are moments of real comedy, but it’s also quite a dark story with some really tough issues that you raise in a thought-provoking way.’

- ANNA MOHR-PIETSCH, Development & Production Executive, Met Films

It’s an amazing, cutting-edge script. What I love about your writing is that you’re not afraid to be dangerous.’

- JAMES DALY, CEO, Mr Significant Films, Greenhouse Media

‘I read it in one sitting – I couldn’t stop turning the pages. It’s a superb script.’

- BILL CHAMBERLAIN, Producer, Parallel Films

‘It is beautifully structured and the characters are clear and compelling.’

- EMILY MAN, Producer, Manmade Films

‘I really enjoyed Manic. This is a great script. I think Jack is a great character, really strong, and I think some of the imagery of her outrageous and colourful outfits in quite ordinary situations is brilliant, and the script has a strong visual sense.’

- WENDY GRIFFIN, Producer.