Pauline is a screenwriter, award-winning playwright, Shakespeare scholar, and former journalist and agony aunt for teenagers.

Commissioned original features include two screenplays for a Hollywood independent producer, one a completed Female Historical Epic/ Love Tragedy, GOZEL, now seeking a co-production deal; an untitled Coming-of-Age Action for a UK independent producer.

Spec features include MANIC, Romantic Comedy with a dark twist described as ‘taking the genre to the limit, and then some’; SEDITION, period Political Thriller dubbed ‘amazingly modern, exciting, fluid and captivating’.

Spec Single TV Dramas include JOHNNY, A story of childhood loss and betrayal. SITTING PRETTY, A feisty young girl in a wheelchair first discovers her sexuality as she falls in love and struggles to make sense of her conflicting emotions. AFTER THE FUNERAL, A middle-aged son confronts a painful revelation about the father he adored.

Pauline is interested in exploring themes of identity and power through strong female characters with sharp wit and humour, and inspirational characters who struggle in their world against inner conflicts. If there is one defining characteristic of her characters it is an indomitable spirit.

Pauline took an MA in Playwriting at Birmingham University under the personal tutelage of Mark Ravenhill; a First in English and a DPhil. both at Oxford University where she taught for many years. She was awarded a Leverhulme Fellowship to study and work with directors and actors at Shakespeare’s Globe in its first five years.

She’s a visiting screenwriting tutor at Oxford University and her new book SCREENWRITING THEY CAN'T RESIST. How to Create Screenplays of Originality and Cinematic Power. Explode the Rules is now published by Quaere and available at Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and Amazon.

Pauline is currently working on new screenplays and a proposal for a major TV series on Shakespeare.

If you would like to read any of the scripts, or discuss any of my projects, please write to me on the Contact form.